Passionate about colour, Emma will listen to your ideas and suggest the most suitable gems, guiding you through decisions around colour, quality and cut. Her extensive gem dealing connections allow her access to rare gems from around the world and she is able to ethically-source the finest stones for your budget.

After choosing your special gems, Emma and Wayne will work with you to design your unique piece of jewellery, helping you decide on the best metal to compliment your stones.

Once Wayne has finished making your jewellery, it will be hallmarked appropriately including the rare hallmark assigned to especially prestigious makers that Wayne is entitled to place.

Emma is a highly experienced fully qualified FGA Gemmologist with twenty years in the gem and jewellery trade of London. She only deals with ethically sourced gems, pearls and diamonds.

Wayne is an international award-winning Goldsmith, Silversmith and Jeweller with numerous Guild Fellowships. MA, FIPG, and Freeman of the Goldsmith Company.

We offer:

  • bespoke jewellery designs handmade for any occasion
  • jewellery re-modelling
  • pearl stringing
  • antique jewellery repairs / renovation
  • engraving
  • re-polishing gemstones
  • insurance valuation
  • Our backgrounds

    After becoming a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, the most rigorous and respected governing body in the world of gemstones, Emma worked for six years with fine coloured gemstones and crystal mineral specimens, three years in the diamond trade and a further six years immersed in the high-end specialised pearl trade.

    It is rare for a Gemmologist to have extensive knowledge of coloured gems, diamonds and pearls, so Emma's passion for, and expertise in all three fields is particularly unusual.

    Dealing with wholesalers throughout her career in Hatton Garden, the heart of London's jewellery trade, Emma knows an abundance of gem dealers and derives huge satisfaction from cherry-picking the most appealing gems and sourcing the perfect stones for her clients. She especially looks for unusual stones with fire, depth of colour and beauty.

    Wayne's work is characterised by elegance of form, simplicity and the highest standards of craftsmanship. Widely known for his distinctive object work, it is less widely known that Wayne began his professional life as a jeweller, renovating antique jewellery in Brighton.

    He studied extensively, initially at the Sir John Cass School of Art, and latterly in Japan, at the institution that is probably the finest craft school in the world, where he studied under three National Treasures, perfecting his skills in the ancient techniques of metalworking. As well as using these techniques to make objects, Wayne brings his deep understanding of the qualities of metal and his unique abilities to shape it to making individual and beautifully-crafted pieces of jewellery.

    Emma's rare inclusion

    Some years ago on a trip to Burma, I came across this polished rock crystal and inside was the rarest inclusion I'd ever seen: beautiful coils of what appeared to be rutile crystal threads. I knew it was an incredibly rare find, but I wasn't aware how important it was.

    On my return I proudly presented it to the eminent gemmologist Alan Jobbins, then later to John Koivula the leading authority in the world today on inclusions in gems and minerals.

    Thanks to Alan and Ichiro Sunagawa of Japan who tested it in his well-equipped laboratory, a research paper on the specimen has been published by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, and until this day remains a topic of discussion.

    As rare inclusions go, anything of this size is fantastic because it's clearly seen by the naked eye. The largest twisted coil inclusion is 15mm long, 9mm wide! Its importance is reflected by its appearance on the front cover of the Journal of Gemmology (Volume 29, No. 1, January 2004) for the world to see.

    The excitement of travelling to Burma looking for gems...and the thrill of finding such a magnificent inclusion was for me a once in a life time experience.